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Tooth Color Bonded Fillings

Bonded Fillings in San Marino

Tooth color bonded fillings refer to the composite fillings used to cover a cavity in a tooth. While they may not be an exact match to the color of your tooth, they are close and less noticeable than a metal filling. Tooth colored bonded fillings are also used to replace the metal fillings in teeth.

Dental fillings are just one dental treatment available at Fary Yassamy, DDS, to improve both the structure of your teeth and the way they look. If your teeth show signs of decay or cavities, dental fillings bonded to the teeth add strength, improve durability, as well as eliminate the area where bacteria is actively destroying your teeth. Tooth color bonded fillings can last for a very long time given proper care.

Tooth Color Bonded Filling Procedure

The material used in tooth colored fillings is also called dental composite or white composite. It is soft and pliable like putty when applied to your teeth.

After cleaning your teeth of decay and damage, and removing any bacteria, we bond the tooth colored filling to your natural tooth or teeth. The composite material hardens immediately, strengthening the structure of your teeth.

Advantages of Tooth Color Bonded Fillings

  • Closely matches the color of your natural teeth
  • Bonding material becomes part of your tooth and will not fall out or come loose
  • Bonded to the enamel, and is not simply sitting on the cavity
  • Contains no metal or mercury
  • Does not expand or contract like metal fillings, so your tooth will not crack

Although silver or metal fillings have been used for a very long time, more and more people are turning to tooth colored fillings for both health and aesthetic reasons.

If you are looking in the Pasadena, Arcadia, San Marino, or West Covina, California area, and are interested in finding out more about tooth color bonded fillings, contact experienced LVI-trained cosmetic dentist Dr. Fary Yassamy today to schedule an appointment.

The information on this page about tooth color fillings and bonding in Pasadena is offered by Pasadena dentist, Fary Yassamy. This information should not be considered formal dental advice about any general and comprehensive dentistry procedures. If you would like formal advice, please contact our cosmetic dentistry office serving Pasadena today. We offer general and restorative dentistry procedures to patients across Pasadena, Arcadia, San Marino, and West Covina, California.