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Fresh Breath Treatment (Oxyfresh)

Every single person has, at one time or another, experienced bad breath. Most often, this is temporary and easily remedied with brushing. However, for about ten percent of the population, chronic bad breath is a problem that makes social situations difficult and embarrassing. At our San Gabriel Valley dental office, we offer fresh breath treatment from Oxyfresh in order to prevent bad breath, also known as halitosis.

Causes of Bad Breath

Nearly every case of bad breath is the result of oral or nasal conditions. A very small portion may be the result of something more serious, such as a disease. The main cause is an odor-causing bacteria growing in your mouth. Bacteria will accumulate as a result of food particles stuck on or between your teeth. The odor they secrete is made up of sulfur compounds, which make your breath smell.

Another cause of bad breath is from the food you ingest. Oils from foods like onions and garlic are ingested into your bloodstream and carried all over your body. When the oils get to your lungs, you breathe these oils out. The only way you can truly get rid of bad breath caused by food is by allowing the food to run its natural course through your body. Also, a major cause of bad breath is due to smoking.

Treating Bad Breath

If you want fresh breath, you must brush and floss regularly to keep the bacteria from growing in your mouth. Using a mouthrinse to neutralize remaining bacteria is also recommended. Some people may find that over-the-counter products do little to help. To discuss concerns you may have with bad breath, schedule an appointment with us to determine the best treatment for your unique situation.

At Fary Yassamy, DDS, we use Oxyfresh products to help our patients control chronic bad breath. Oxyfresh breath treatments are professional-level rinses, toothpastes, and gels. They are formulated to help fight bad breath and keep teeth white. The rinses include:

  • Power Rinse
  • Zinc Mouthrinse
  • Fluoride Mouthrinse
  • Fresh Mint Mouthrinse
  • Unflavored Mouthrinse
Oxyfresh in San Marino

If you are looking in the San Gabriel Valley area and are interested in finding out more about how to fight bad breath, contact the office of Fary Yassamy, DDS.

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