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Bridge Implant

When teeth are lost, it is vital that they are replaced and restored so that your dental health can recover. Depending on how many teeth you have lost and where they are located within the mouth, you may be eligible for several different options. If several neighboring teeth are missing, an implant bridge is an excellent option. An implant bridge involves several anchors that will be drilled into your jawbone to act as replacement tooth roots. These anchors will then be able to support a full dental bridge and remain firmly in place. These implant anchors will fuse with your jawbone as they heal, and once this process is complete, your new dental bridge can be installed. You may be provided with a temporary bridge in the interim. Dental bridges are traditionally removable. Fixed bridges are secured in place by being attached to adjacent teeth via anchors or dental caps. But implant bridges are much more firmly secured within your mouth, and they do not require as much surgery as individual implants, too, so you can benefit from secure dentures while not having to undergo as much invasive dental work beforehand. Each case is unique, but implant bridges are designed to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your smile while allowing you to eat and speak with ease once more.